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AHE Academy

The Company set up the AHE Academy in order to systematize the training and development activities directed towards our employees, by incorporating the cultural aspect as well. Through the AHE Academy, the Company invests in its human capital and aims to make the customer-focused culture permanent.

​ Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik supports its employees’ professional and personal development, offers various activities that are aligned with their career paths and aim to equip its employees so as to enable them to look from different perspectives. Training Programs Company employees are provided with in-house and extramural training opportunities to foster their professional and personal development.

​ ​ National and international resources are made use of for these training programs. When personnel are first hired, they are put through an orientation program and given training in basic insurance and private pension system issues. After this and for the rest of their careers, training is provided so that they have all the knowledge and skills they may need for whatever position they may be filling. ​

​ When preparing the annual training programs, the Human Resources and Training Department’s primary goal is to develop employees’ competencies in their current positions while also readying them for higher positions in the future.​