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HR Practices

Carrier Progression

Advancement to positions in our Company’s organizational structure (manager, assistant manager, 2nd manager, service chief, assistant service chief, clerk, specialist, assistant specialist, internal audit, and assistant internal audit) is governed by the Company’s related bylaws. The following general principles apply to all advancements. To be promoted to a higher position:

  • the employee must have served for the minimum periods of time specified by headquarters in his current position;
  • the employee must have earned a good performance score substantiating his promotion;
  • there must be a vacancy to which the employee can be promoted.
  • the employee must have successfully completed whatever course, examination, thesis, project, or similar qualifying requirements that the Company requires for the position.

Performance Management

Performance appraisal system is in place at the Company in order to measure the individual contribution of each employee in supporting the Company towards achievement of its corporate objectives. In this frame, all company
​ empl​oyees are evaluated once a year. The performance appraisal system aims to establish objective criteria for the employees’ career progressions and to determine their training needs. ​

Job Security

Job security for our employees is provided under a collective bargaining agreement arrangement between the Company and BASİSEN (Banking-Finance and Insurance Employees’ Union). ​

Compensation Policy

Employees’ salaries are adjusted annually in accordance with current conditions and as specified in a collective bargaining agreement that is renewed every other year. Salaries and bonuses are paid on the last day of each month.

​ ​ In addition to salary and bonuses, personnel are entitled to a broad range of fringe benefits such as health insurance coverage, healthcare assistance, employer’s contributions to the private pension system on the employee’s behalf, personal life insurance, and company-provided transportation and lunchtime meals. ​


E-Mail: insankaynaklari@anadoluhayat.com.tr

Telephone: (212) 317 70 70 

Faks: (212) 317 70 77​​