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Human Resourses

Human Resources Policy

Our Company defines and conducts its human resources policy in light of our country’s social, cultural, and economic conditions and the following principles:

  • In recruitment, the Company espoused the principle that individuals are to be given equal opportunity under identical conditions. Hiring criteria are set forth in writing for each job position and are strictly complied with in practice,
  • Job descriptions and assignments and performance criteria are determined by the Company management and announced to employees,
  • When making training, assignment, and promotion decisions, particular care is taken to making use of objective data and to observing the Company’s best interests, to the maximum extent possible.
  • Training plans are developed and training policies are formulated in an effort to help our employees improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Our Company’s employees are members of the Bank-Finance and Insurance Employees’ Union. Any decisions or developments concerning them are communicated to the employees or their representatives, and the opinion of the said union is sought in such decisions.
  • The Company provides a working environment and working conditions that are safe and efforts are undertaken to improve these conditions depending on social and technological requirements.
  • Our employees are kept informed on decisions made or developments that occur concerning them.
  • Measures are taken to prevent discrimination among employees based on race, religion, language, or sex; create a working environment that is respectful of human rights; and prevent all physical, mental, and emotional abuse within the Company.
  • It is not deemed appropriate to appoint a representative to handle relations with our employees.