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Life Insurances

If you want to secure future of yourself and your loved one of, our life insurances may be the right option for you!

With our life insurance products, you may save for your future and may be ready for the unpleasant surprises of life and help your loved ones to maintain their life standard even if you are not with them.

If you want to be confident about the future, you may examine the details of our life insurance products which are, designed to meet your different types of needs.

How is the premium I shall pay in life insurances, determined?

In life insurances, your premium is calculated in accordance with premium schedules, prepared based on the collateral you chose and the lump-sum payment amounts you want to receive at the end of the term, and age and in some cases, gender.

How may I pay my premiums?

You may pay your premiums in advance or by annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly instalments. Payment period may vary depending on specifications of the product you prefer.

How can I determine the life insurance suitable for my needs?

When preferring a life insurance, it is very important that it satisfies your needs. Your need may be just to make savings or be protected against risks or make savings at the same time being protected against risks as well. You should determine the product you shall prefer, in a manner meeting your needs.

What insurance coverage I shall have by life insurance?

By life insurance, you may have insurance coverage for surviving, loss of life, loss of life as a result of accident, full and permanent disability. Insurance coverage you shall be entitled to, may depend on the product you choose and your agreement.

Do I have tax advantage in life insurances?

In life insurance, you shall have tax advantage for your savings, when making premium payments and after you remain an insured for a period of 10 years.

Your Tax Advantage in your Premium Payments:

You may deduct from your tax assessment amount, the half of life insurance premiums for which savings premium is charged and 15% of the wage you earn during the month, in which the whole amount of other personal insurance premiums are paid (death, accident, health, illness, unemployment, etc.) and provided that such deduction may not exceed the annual amount of minimum gross wage.

Your tax advantage at the end of 10 years insurance period:

If you leave life insurance before 10 years, an income tax deduction at the rate of 15% shall be made based on the income (revenue) yielded and if you leave after being an insured person for 10 years or you leave for compulsory reasons such as of loss of life, disability, liquidation, etc., an income tax deduction at the rate of 10% shall be made based on the income (revenue) yielded.

How are the amounts I pay for a life insurance including saving factor, invested?

According to daily profit share principle and securities restrictions set forth in related laws and regulations intended to protect insured persons, in life insurances with savings, after the risk premium, costs share and production costs are deducted from the premium you pay, remaining amount shall be transferred to a joint pool by the insurance company. In classical life insurances, risk premium charged relating to coverage provided, shall be directed to investment.

What is profit share?

Profit share is the sum of amount calculated by insurance companies according to the profit share distribution system set forth in the profit share technical principles -which also includes the part guaranteed by technical interest- and provisions for accumulated profit shares relating to previous years.

Profit share shall be given beginning from the first business day following transfer of savings premium to free account of the company.

How does the process work to demand compensation in life insurances?

In order to enable us to conclude compensation applications to be made due to death of the insured person, swiftly, below mentioned documents have to delivered to our company completely. If it is considered necessary as a result of examination of the documents, additional document(s) may be demanded.

For documents, demanded as "original/or certified copy", it is not possible to make any transaction based on their photocopies. For transactions to be concluded as soon as possible, it is important that original or certified copy of said documents have to be presented.

Basic documents:
Documents required to be sent, independent from the reason of loss of life.

Name of the Document
Insurance policy
Insurance policy
Original or certified copy of the Death Certificate
It is the official document which certifies the death of insured person, date of death and the reason of death. In case the death occurs at healthcare organisations, it shall be issued by related healthcare institution and in case the death occurs out of a healthcare organisation, it shall be issued by a municipal doctor, family doctor or by a person authorised issue death certificate.
Original or certified copy of the inheritance certificate
Official document that certifies death of the insured person and shows legal heirs of the insured and their shares in the estate. Application must be made to civil courts of peace or notary publics to obtain a certificate of inheritance.
Original or certified copy of the Civil Registry Extract, specifying the date of death and containing explanation of events
It is issued by Civil Registry Directorates
Photocopies of identification certificates of each heir, indicated in the certificate of inheritance
Photocopy of identification certificate, driving license or passport is demanded.
Address confirmation certificates of each heir, specified in the certificate of inheritance
Address Confirmation Certificates to be taken relating to beneficiaries, from Civil Registry Directorates or invoice issued in the name of such person, within 3 months before the transaction date and that relates to a service requiring subscription such as electricity, water, natural gas, telephone.

Additional documents to be provided in case of death due to natural reasons/as a result of illness: In case the insured person dies due to natural reasons or as a result of illness, in addition to basic documents, below mentioned documents have to be provided as well.

Name of the Document
Epicrisis, hospital report and other healthcare reports to be taken from the healthcare organisation where the insured person dies
It shall be demanded from the healthcare institution which fills in the Death Certificate.
Medical reports relating to illness
** It is compulsory to obtain said reports and it they can not be provided, it shall not be possible to make any evaluation.
Application shall be made to the Social Security Institution ("SSI") Provisional Healthcare Directorate and the "SSI MEDULE RECORDS" for a period of eat least previous 5 years

1)Personal prescription list details,

2)Personal follow-up list, a list containing all healthcare organisations applied by insured persons, the applications and diagnosis.

3)List of all medication reports

4)Hospital Follow-up Details List

Additional documents required to be provided in case of loss of life as a result of accident/judicial incident:
In the event insured person dies as a result of an incident declared to judicial authorities for reasons such as traffic accident, work accident, suicide, murder, etc.

Name of the Document
Traffic Accident Report
It is demanded in cases where death occurs as a result of traffic accident.
Accident Report, Crime Scene Investigation Reports
It is demanded in case the insured person dies due to a reason declared to judicial authorities (murder, suicide, insured person found dead, fire, etc.).
Examination of Corpse and Autopsy Report (if any)
In judicial and suspicious cases, Examination of Corpse and Autopsy Report shall be demanded.
Original or certified copy of the final decision of the Office of Public Prosecutor
In judicial cases, final decision to be given by the Office of Public Prosecutor regarding the incident (decision of non-prosecution, decision of arrest, etc.)

Is there any prescription time for compensation demand relating to life insurances?

All compensation demands arising from insurance agreement shall be time-barred, after 2 years beginning from the due date of a receivable, and the demands relating to insurance compensation and insurance amount shall be time-barred in any case after 6 years beginning from the occurrence date of the risk.

How may I receive my money at the end of the term?

You may receive your savings including profit share, by a lump-sum payment or you may have annuity and chose the most appropriate option for you, among various income alternatives we offer you.