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Investment Insurance for Children

Invest for the future of your child!

Investment Insurance for Children provides a steady growth potential for your regular investments and at the same time, constitutes a financial security for the future of your child.

You may use the lump-sum payment you shall receive either to meet education costs of your child or to buy him/her a car at his/her graduation or to provide support when he/she starts his/her working life.


Children between the ages of 0 and 15 may benefit from this insurance product.

You may determine the te​rm of insurance between 10 to 25 years. Sum of the age and insurance term may be maximum 25.

Investment Insurance for Children does not cover death or disability benefits. If you stay alive at the end of the term of insurance, you shall be entitled to a lump-sum payment.

In the event of death, we pay to the custodian of your child on behalf of your child, the amount that shall remain after the costs are deducted from paid premiums, together with the accrued profit share.

You may receive your survival benefit together with profit share, by a lump-sum payment.


Tax Advantage:

You may deduct all of the premium amount you pay for yourself, your spouse and little children, from your income tax basis; not to exceed 15% of the income you earn during the month when you pay the premium and the total annual amount of minimum gross wage, at the rates varying between 15% to 35% according to tax bracket in the then-current month. For detailed information regarding tax advantage and applications thereof please contact us.

Free emergency ambulance and health consulting services:

In emergency cases, you may benefit from the free emergency land ambulance and health consulting services provided by "S.O.S. International Ambulans Servisi (Ambulance Service) A.Ş." if you pay premium equal to or above the amount of TRY 200/$ 150 /€ 150. Costs of these services shall be met by our Company.

You may benefit from ambulance services with 20% discount for yourself in cases not considered within the scope of emergency and for your first degree relatives in all cases whether or not considered as an emergency case. For the list of cases considered within the scope of emergency, please click.

Discount at contracted healthcare institutions:

In case you face any health problem, you may apply to our contracted healthcare institutions and benefit from discounted prices. To see the list of all of our contracted healthcare institutions please click.

The Digital Moneybox as a gift:

In order to get the Digital Moneybox as a gift for your child, you are supposed to be an İşCep user and have Turkish Lira draw account and Moneybox deposit account from İşbank in the name of your child.


You may have this product by making a monthly payment of at least TRY 200/$ 40 /€​ 40 .

You may pay your premiums by annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payments.

You may determine your payment amount in TRY and also as indexed to US Dollars or Euro. Your payments denominated in US Dollars and Euro shall be collected in TRY based on the foreign exchange purchase rate of CBRT (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) on the payment date.

Currency determined at the beginning of insurance may not be changed subsequently.