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Private Pension Plans

Start saving today, be comfortable in your retirement!

Private pension system is a saving and investment instrument that supports you to maintain your life standard during your working period, in your retirement as well by saving regularly.

You may start to act now for your future and may examine the private pension plans we have designed for your needs.


Minimum "contribution amount" you shall pay, depends on the product chosen. You may make payment minimum equal to that amount. There is no upper limit for your payments.

Administration Costs Deduction

Administration cost deduction at the rate of 2% maximum, may be charged based on each contribution you pay to the private pension account.

If you suspend payment (if you fail to make any payment to related account, within 3 months following the due date of contribution you fail to pay on its due date, it shall be deemed that payments are suspended under related agreement), during you suspension, additional administration cost deduction may be made, not to exceed TRY 2 for each month of your suspension of payments.

Entrance Fee

The part of entrance fee, charged in advance when you participate in the system, may not be more than 10% of monthly gross minimum wage, applicable as of the date when the proposal is signed or in distant sales, as of the date when proposal is approved. Remaining portion shall be suspended. Suspended entrance fees shall be collected from your private pension account gradually, according to number of year(s) you remain in the system.

At the beginning
If you leave between 0 - 36 month(s)
If you leave between 37 – 72 months
If you leave between 73 – 120 months
If you leave as from 121st month
10% of the Monthly Gross Minimum Wage
65% of the Monthly Gross Minimum Wage
40% of the Monthly Gross Minimum Wage
15% of the Monthly Gross Minimum Wage
Not charged

What is the rate of state contribution to be provided?

State contribution is paid at the rate of 25% of all contributions you pay regularly or by a lump-sum payment.

For example; if you pay TRY 200 monthly, a state contribution of TRY 50 shall be paid for you every month; if you pay TRY 800, a state contribution of TRY 200 shall be paid.

Is there a maximum limit for state contribution?

Total state contribution paid during a calendar year may not exceed 25% of the annual total gross minimum wage, determined for related calendar year.

For example, the total amount of annual gross minimum wage determined for 2015, is TRY 14.850 Total state contribution to be paid to your account in 2015, shall be maximum TRY 3.712,50 .

What is private pension fund?

Private pension fund is an investment fund, where the contributions you pay are directed to investments.

What are the advantages of private pension funds?

As distinct from other investment funds; income from private pension funds is exempt from income tax and corporate tax. Besides, deductions from private pension funds are lower than the deductions made from investment funds.

May I change the fund I choose?

By following the income provided from funds, you may change the distribution rates or amounts of your savings and contributions among the funds, 6 times a year.

What should I do to have higher savings?

By following your income provided from funds, you may change your distribution of funds when you consider it necessary.

When shall I be entitled to retirement?

You shall be entitled to retirement after remaining within the system for a period of at least 10 years and completing the age of 56.

How much saving shall I have?

Retirement savings you shall obtain vary depending on your age of participation in the system, amount of contribution you pay, yields of your funds.

How may I make use of my savings?

When you become entitled to retirement,

• you may remain within the private pension system and receive your savings as "scheduled refunds". In such case, you will be involved in "Private Pension Plan" by way of plan change. You may transfer your savings to "annual annuity" agreement and you may benefit from the regular income alternatives, to be offered to you.

• You may receive your savings by a lump-sum payment.

• You may distribute your savings, which you are entitled to, among the options specified above or you may postpone your retirement decision and continue to pay contribution within private pension system.