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Protection Insurances

If you want the future to be secure for you and for your loved ones and feel comfortable against the risks you may face, our protection insurances are designed for you!

With our protection insurances, you shall be ready for unpleasant surprises of life and you shall avoid any financial suffering by your loved ones in case you lose your life and by you and your loved ones in case of any individual accident, permanent disability, unemployment and critical illness.

If you want to make your provision now against disadvantageous situations that may occur, you may have a look at the details of our products.

What is Protection Insurance?

Protection insurances provide assurance for you and your loved ones, against the risks of life and include compensation only.

Protection insurances do not contain any saving option.

What are the types of Protection Insurance?

There two types thereof, i.e. the individual accident insurances and the life insurances containing only basic compensation. Protection Insurances may cover unemployment compensation, as well.

Against which risks may I have coverage by Protection Insurances?

By individual accident insurances, you may have insurance coverage of daily compensation for loss of life as a result of accident, permanent disability, treatment costs, loss of income and for the period you stay in hospital.

Furthermore, we also have products providing insurance coverage for occasional incapacity to work such as involuntary unemployment, temporary disability and staying in hospital.

In protection insurances, in addition to compensation for loss of life, you may also have insurance coverage for loss of life as a result of accident, complete and permanent disability as a result of accident or illness.

How is the premium I shall pay in protection insurances, determined?

Your premium vary depending on the compensations you shall prefer and in some cases, age, gender and profession.

How may I pay my premiums?

In individual accident insurance products, you may pay your premiums in TRY, monthly or in advance.

In life insurances containing only compensation, you may pay your premiums in TRY, US Dollars and Euro, in advance or annually; if you wish, you may make payments in monthly, annually, quarterly, semi-annually instalments. Payment period may vary depending on specifications of the product, you prefer.

Your payments in US Dollar and Euro, shall be collected in TRY based on the foreign exchange purchase rate of the Central bank of the Republic of Turkey on the payment date.

In unemployment insurances, you may pay your premiums in advance or monthly, depending on the product you prefer.

How does the process work to demand compensation in protection insurances?

Policy owner or beneficiaries, after realisation of the risk, must provide the insurer with all kinds of information and documents which are required or may be expected from the policy owner to determine the scope of the risk or compensation, within a reasonable period of time, according to the agreement or upon demand of the insurance company. Furthermore, policy owner, depending on the nature of information and documents received by it, shall be liable to permit the insurance company to make examinations at the places where risks occur or at other related places and to take appropriate measures expected from him/her.

In case of loss of life, beneficiaries shall send the documents specified below, to the insurance company by providing them on the condition that the costs thereof shall be borne by themselves, in order to demand their rights arising from the policy:

• Insurance policy (in case of its loss, signed declaration to be taken from the insured or beneficiaries, shall be sufficient),
• Certified civil registry extract, to be given by the Civil Registry Administration and containing explanation of events,
• If necessary, doctor report explaining the reason of loss of life, or burial permit,
• In case of disappearance, the decision of disappearance to be taken from court,
• in cases where no beneficiary is designated, the certificate of inheritance. Insurance company may demand additional documents, other than those specified at the compensation phase.

If demanded, insurance company must give a receipt certificate to the beneficiary or policy owner, against the documents taken by it relating to payment of compensation.

Is there any prescription time for compensation demand relating to protection insurances?

All compensation demands arising from insurance agreement shall be time-barred, after 2 years beginning from the due date of a receivable, and the demands relating to insurance compensation and insurance amount shall be time-barred in any case after 6 years beginning from the occurrence date of the risk.