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Credit Card Protection Insurance

If you have a credit card from İş Bank, you may take precaution today against the risk of losing your income.

Do not worry about how you shall meet your credit card debts when you have difficulty in making your payments. By the Credit Card Protection Insurance, even if you have any problem regarding your financial status, do not forget that you may easily overcome such a situation!

If you face risks such as death, total and permanent disability and involuntary unemployment, temporary disability or hospitalisation, we pay the debt amount specified in your latest credit card account statement, to İş Bank.

Do not forget to have Credit Card Protection Insurance coverage for not being caught unprepared with unexpected surprises of life.

You may make your Credit Card Protection Insurance applications through the branches of İş Bank.


If you are a healthy individual between the ages of 18 and 64, you may have Credit Card Protection Insurance coverage.

The term of insurance coverage is 1 year. It shall be renewed automatically until the occurrence of any risk within the scope of insurance coverage, cancellation of insurance or until the age of 65.

Credit Card Protection Insurance includes coverage for death, total and permanent disability and additionally, depending on your professional status;

  • If you work under an employment contract; coverage for involuntary unemployment,
  • If you are a self-employed person, mukhtar (headman) of a village or neighbourhood or a public sector employee; coverage for temporary disability,
  • If you are not under protection of any social security institution or if you are a retired person (not working); coverage for hospitalisation.
Benefit amount shall be determined as the sum of outstanding balance in the last accounts statement prior to the date when any of above mentioned incidents occurs first, and the amounts of unpaid instalments.

Benefit amount may be maximum TRY 5.000 per credit card.

In cases of death, total and permanent disability, involuntary unemployment, temporary disability and hospitalisation, we pay all of your credit card debt to İş Bank.


Tax Advantage:

You may deduct all of the premium amount you pay for yourself, your spouse and minor children, from your income tax basis; not to exceed 15% of the income you earn during the month when you pay the premium and the total annual amount of minimum gross wage, at the rates varying between 15% to 35% according to tax bracket in the then-current month.

For detailed information regarding tax advantage and applications thereof, please contact us.
To have deduction in your income tax basis, you may use your credit card account statements.


​Insurance benefit shall be equal to the total debt amount in the last credit card account statement prior to the date when related risk occurs first, excluding interest and limit excess and it may not exceed the amount of TRY 5.000  (including instalments relating to future months which are specified in the account statement).

Your premiums are collected monthly and in TRY from your credit card and are stated as a shopping transaction in your credit card account statement. In the months which you do not have any debt in the account statement, no premium collection shall be made.​