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Female Critical Illness Insurance

Now you can get through difficult times without having to touch your savings. Thanks to the financial assistance provided by the Female Critical Illness Insurance, you will have financial security to provide for your medical expenses and to cover any loss of income due to your illness.

Although we would not wish that to happen, if you end up facing such a disease you will be able to protect the assets and savings you have acquired to date and provide for your cash needs during the course of your illness with the Female Critical Illness Insurance that provides lump sum payment regardless of your health expenditures.

With the death benefit that is provided with our product, you can make sure that your loved ones feel completely secure.


If you are between 18-50 years old and healthy, you may benefit from the Female Critical Illness Insurance.

The term of the insurance is 1 year.

The product includes critical illness and death benefits.

You can set the amount of critical illness and death benefits with the package you select on your insurance start date.

Name of the Package
Death Benefit (TRY)
Critical Illness Benefit (TRY)
Eco Package
Classic Package
Special Package

Female cancers (breast, ovarian, uterine, cervical, fallopian tube, vaginal/vulva cancers), diagnosis of cellular structures that prepare the base for cervical and breast cancers (cervical carcinoma in-situ, breast carcinoma in-situ), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), chronic and serious rheumatic diseases, significant osteoporosis and hysterectomy due to carcinoma in-situ are in the scope of our product.

In the event that you contract a critical illness we will pay the benefit amount that you specified.

If death occurs during the insurance term, we will pay the death benefit amount to your loved ones. If you contract a critical illness and get critical illness benefit and if death occurs during the insurance term, then we will pay the entire death benefit to your loved ones separately from the critical illness benefit.


Automatic renewal:

As long as you meet the renewal conditions, your policy will be automatically renewed.

Tax advantage:

In the payments you make for yourself, your spouse and/or children, you can deduct all of the premiums you pay at rates varying from 15 to 35% from your tax base according to the tax bracket you are under in the current month on the condition of not exceeding 15% of the income you earn within the month of your premium payment and the total annual amount of the minimum gross wage.
For detailed information regarding tax advantage and applications thereof, please contact us.

Free emergency ambulance and healthcare consultation services:

Classical and special package owners can benefit from the emergency land ambulance and healthcare consultation services provided by S.O.S. International Ambulans Servisi A.Ş. (Ambulance Service) The cost of this service is covered by our company. In case you face any health problem, you may apply to our contracted healthcare institutions and benefit from discounted prices.
In situations that are not in the scope of an emergency you; and in emergency or non-emergency situations your first degree relatives may benefit from the ambulance service with a 20% discount.
For the list of cases considered within the scope of emergency, please click.

Discounts at contracted healthcare institutions:

In case you face any health problem, you may apply to our contracted healthcare institutions and benefit from discounted prices.
To see the list of all of our contracted healthcare institutions please click.


​Your premium amount will vary depending on your age and the benefit amount you choose.

You may make your premium payments in TRY in advance or in monthly installments.