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Full Coverage Critical Illness Insurance

At the times of suffering material and emotional difficulties due to critical illnesses, you may benefit from the financial support offered by Critical Illness Insurance.

By the death benefit provided by our product, you shall give your loved ones the opportunity to feel them secure at all times.

Critical Illness Insurance is not a health insurance and does not pay treatment costs when an illness occurs. Instead you may benefit from the lump-sum payment we make within the scope of this insurance coverage.


If you are a healthy individual between the ages of 18 and 60, you may benefit from the Critical Illness Insurance. The term of insurance coverage is 1 year. The product includes critical illness and death benefits. You determine the amounts of critical illness and death benefits at the commencement date of insurance. (The amount of critical illness coverage is equal to the half of death benefit coverage)

Cancer, heart attack (myocardial Infarction), coronary artery bypass-surgery, heart valve surgery, stroke,kidney failure, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis, blindness, paralysis, aorta graft surgery, loss of limbs, coma, loss of hearing, benign brain tumour, HIV, parkinson’s disease, loss of speech, motor neurone disease, cardiomyopathy, aplastic anaemiax illnesses are covered under this policy.

​​If you suffer a crictical illness, we pay the benefit amount you determine at the beginning of the insurance. In the event of death during the term of insurance, we pay the amount of death benefit you determine to your loved ones. If you get a critical illness during the term of insurance and you receive the critical illness benefit, then when death occurs, we pay the difference amount between the death and critical illness benefits to your loved ones.


Automatic Renewal:

As long as you fulfil the required conditions for renewal, your policy shall be renewed automatically.

Tax Advantage:

For the payments you make for yourself, your spouse and/or little children; you shall benefit from a tax reduction at a rate varying between 15% to 35%, depending on the tax bracket you are included in the then-current month.

For detailed information regarding tax advantage and applications thereof, please contact us.


Amount of your premium varies depending on your a​ge, gender and the benefit amount you shall prefer.You may pay your premiums in TRY by advance payment or in 12 instalments with your İş Bank credit card.