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Fully Comprehensive Life Insurance

Fully Comprehensive Life Insurance provides financial warranty for your loved ones by death benefit and for you by the total and permanent disability coverage.

You may have the Fully Comprehensive Life Insurance only with death benefit and if you like, in addition to death benefit, with the accidental death benefit, total and permanent disability benefit due to an accident or sickness or with all of three insurance benefits together.


If you are a healthy individual between the ages of 18 and 69, you may benefit from the Fully Comprehensive Life Insurance.​

The term of insurance coverage is 1 year. You may renew it every year in 5 years duration.

Fully Comprehensive Life Insurance may include benefit for death, accidental death, total and permanent disability due to accident or sickness depending on the type of coverage you demand.

You may determine your benefit amounts at the commencement date of insurance according to your expectations and preferences.

We pay the benefit amount determined at the beginning of insurance, to your loved ones.



Tax Advantage:

You may deduct all of the premium amount you pay for yourself, your spouse and minor children, from your income tax basis; not to exceed 15% of the income you earn during the month when you pay the premium and the total annual amount of minimum gross wage, at the rates varying between 15% to 35% according to tax bracket in the then-current month.

For detailed information regarding tax advantage and applications thereof, please contact us

Discount at contracted healthcare institutions:

In case you face any health problem, you may apply to our contracted healthcare institutions and benefit from discounted prices. To see the list of all of our contracted healthcare institutions, please click.


Amount of your premium shall vary depending on your age and your benefit amount.

You may pay your premiums by advance payment and in TRY, US Dollars or Euro. Your payments denominated in US Dollars and Euro shall be collected in TRY based on the foreign exchange purchase rate of CBRT (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) on the payment date.

Currency determined at the beginning of insurance may not be changed subsequently.​