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Individual Accident Insurances for Individuals

Don't say that "nothing happens to me", by Individual Accident Insurance, you may provide security for yourself and for your loved ones against any kind of accident you may have in future.

In case of permanent disability or loss of life due to accident, we pay the compensation amount you shall determine, to you or to your loved ones. Furthermore, we also meet your treatment expenses due to accident within the scope of insurance policy package that you buy.


If you are between the ages of 18 to 60, you may benefit from the Personal Accident Insurance.

The term of insurance coverage is 1 year.

Coverages of the Personal Accident Insurance are loss of life, permanent disability and treatment expenses due to accident.

You can determine the coverage packages at the commencement date of the policy.

Loss of Life and Permanent Disability Due to Accident (TL)
Treatment Expenses Due to Accident. (TL)
Eco Package
Classic Package
Special Package


Automatic renewal:

Your policy is renewed automatically until you are 64. From the age of 60, there shall not be any increase in the compensation amount.

Tax advantage:

For detailed information regarding tax reduction and applications thereof, please contact us.


You may pay your premiums in TRY in monthly instalments or by advance payment. Amount of your premiums shall vary according to package you shall prefer. ​