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Retirement Period

You have saved thinking ahead of your retirement days. Now it is time to make yourself comfortable.

When you are entitled to retirement within the scope of Private Pension System; you may continue to remain within the scope of the system and may receive your savings as "scheduled repayments" or by purchasing "annuity", you may benefit from regular income alternatives to be offered to you. If you like, you may distribute your savings among these options or receive all of them collectively.

At the expiry of your life insurance or when you receive a lump-sum amount, you may receive regular income for a certain period or for your whole lifetime. Opting for the one appropriate for you, among different income alternatives we offer you, you may receive regular income and besides, may increase the value of you savings.

When shall I be entitled to retirement?

You shall be entitled to retirement after remaining in the system for a period at least 10 and completing the age of 56.

How much savings shall I have in the Retirement Term? How much salary shall I receive?

Retirement savings you shall be entitled to and the salary you shall receive, vary depending on your age of participation in the system, amount of contribution you pay, yields of your funds.

Pension companies present estimated retirement savings and salary forecast according to projection calculations prepared in compliance with the terms and conditions and plans, specifications, determined by the Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat of Treasury.

How may I make use of my savings when I become entitled to retirement?

When you become entitled to retirement,

• You may receive your savings in the form "scheduled repayments", by remaining within the scope of private pension system. In such case, you shall be involved in "Private Pension Plan", by way of a plan change. You may purchase "annuity" agreements by your savings and may benefit from regular income alternatives, to be offered to you.

• You may receive your payments by a lump-sum payment.

• You may distribute your savings, which you become entitled to, among above mentioned options or may postpone your retirement decision and may continue to remain within the scope of private pension system.

If you have more than one account, when you exercise your right of entitlement, you must combine your accounts, held with the same company or with different companies.