Information On Personal Data Processing and Explicit Consent

Updated Date: 07 June 2018
Your personal data shall be processed for the purposes of presenting proposal for your agreements, concluding your agreements, conducting risk acceptance analysis and prising, carrying out operational processes, performing updating and amendment transactions, determining identity details of the person who makes a transaction, conducting signature check, providing publication and conveyance of all documents, providing services via physical, digital environment or call centre, ensuring security of executed transactions, fulfilling obligations in relation to keeping the documents, executing collection transactions relating to contribution and premium payments, carrying out reinsurance processes pertaining to insurance agreements, implementing fund choices relating to pension agreements, conducting state contribution processes, providing additional advantages and other discounts and advantages, carrying out account transfer transactions between companies, terminating pension and insurance agreements, conducting transactions in compensation assessment and other payment processes, fulfilling tax liabilities arising from the agreement, preparing actuarial calculations, financial tables and reports relating to conducted works and transactions, performing internal control, auditing and risk management activities, conducting reporting and audit processes demand by our main shareholder T. İş Bankası A.Ş., independent audit company and public authorities, performing operational improvement activities intended to increase service quality, performing reporting, analysis and statistics works within the company in relation to conducted works and transactions, meeting complaint, proposal and information demands, carrying out all kinds of judicial and executive transactions, performing customer satisfaction activities, conducting customer segmentation, carrying out interview and statistics activities relating to clients within the framework of marketing activities, sending commercial electronic messages within the scope of consent you give according to electronic trade legislation.
Your personal data may be disclosed to our main shareholder and agent T. İş Bankası A.Ş. and our subsidiaries and to our agents, service providers, reinsurance companies, with which we have business relation which we secure by confidentiality agreements for the purpose of conserving the date, to regulatory and supervisory public authorities and institutions such as the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Insurance Information and Monitoring Centre, Pension Monitoring Centre, MASAK (Financial Crimes Investigation Board), and to judicial authorities, other private pension companies for disclosure processes within the scope of private pension agreements.
For the purposes specified above, your personal data may be collected by Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik Regional Directorates, agents, call centre, digital channels, insurance and private pension intermediaries and through all channels, by which aforesaid parties provide services or by authorities and institutions and public enterprises which we cooperate; verbally, in writing or in electronic environment, by methods which are completely or partially automatic or non-automatic as part of any data recording system.
Your personal data shall be collected and processed without seeking your explicit consent, in case (a) it is explicitly required by Laws, (b) it is directly related with conclusion or performance of the Agreement, (c) it is required for the Data Supervisor to fulfil its obligation, (d) it is required to process data for establishing, exercising or preserving a right, (e) it is required for legitimate interests of the data supervisor, as set forth in the 2nd paragraph of article 5th of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, or based on your explicit consent according to the 1st paragraph of article 5 of the Law. Purposes of collecting and processing to be conducted based on your explicit consent, are explained in the acceptance text relating to your explicit consent. With regards to processing of your personal data, you shall have the rights of demanding information, being informed about the purpose of processing of your data and whether such data are used in line with intended purpose, being informed about the persons top whom the data are disclosed in Turkey or abroad, in case the data are processed incompletely or incorrectly, upon termination of the requirements for processing demanding destruction thereof and notification of the demand for destruction if said data are disclosed to third persons, if you suffer any loss due to any illegal processing of the data demanding compensation of such loss. Procedures and principles in relation to exercising rights are displayed on the web-site at the address of “”.